Docker security

Docker Runtime protection, MAC:

Seccomp security-opt parameter for docker containers

SELinux type enforcement and multi-category security (MCS) separation for Docker protection

AppArmor a default AppArmor profile or custom security profiles for an app, or bespoke container config

Sysdig Falco runtime alerting, monitoring with container-specific context for its rules, and custom rule setup

Prometheus and Graphite analytics and monitoring

Docker infrastructure:

Cilium Docker network security

Notary Docker Content Trust

HashiCorp Vault secret management solution

CoreOS Clair static analysis of vulnerabilities in docker containers

Docker engine security namespaces, control groups, deamons, Linux kernel

Docker Audit:


Docker-bench security

OpenSCAP for docker (oscap-docker)

Jenkins security plugins:


Arachni Scanner


OWASP dependency check

Secure coding:

CERT (SEI) Secure Coding Publications

JavaScript Secure Coding Practices guide

Oracle Secure Coding Guidelines for Java SE

MS .NET Secure Coding Guidelines

OWASP Secure Coding Practices

Data tools:


R Shiny